You ask:  What is Aromatherapy? 
It is a form of alternative medicine that encourages the natural ability for the body to balance and heal itself. 
When used properly, essential oils
can address conditions like anxiety,
                                                                                         muscle pain, insomnia, depression, headaches, 
                                                                                         nausea, skin issues, allergies, and much more.
I am just a phone call away for what ails you.  I make wellness blends, skin and beauty blends, natural home blends, and more.  All you need to do is ask.
So give me a call at 740-603-4496.  You could
feel better than you have felt in years!!
I am also a licensed notary, so if you need to have something notarized, give me a call.  

Chloride Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

PO Box 268

Chloride, Arizona 86431



Phone: 928-565-9777

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