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Friends grandmother fucked

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Friends grandmother fucked

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This story happened when id just turned I had known Benny since we were kids and we were best friends in his basement room he had a bed and TV and stereo of course and that was about it there was a old mattress they kept in the basement for when people did stay over and I threw it on the floor of his room when I spent the night. Benny said I have something cool check this out I bought friends grandmother fucked from a guy at school the women aren't the finest but hey their fucking and popped a tape in the VCR it was a porn tape needless to say we both were very interested in pussy at that age. Benny and I weren't gay at all or turned on by each other but I knew he was stroking his cock under his covers just like I was he said I see you like that old pussy I was a little embarrassed and said well right now id take any pussy he said well ill show you something that's really cool but you have to swear that its our secret and you can never tell a soul I said sure its our secret.

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She said Ben let jimmy move in and out and you stay still until I get use to you in there. I said completely I will never tell anyone.

I got up between her legs and positioned my cock at her entrance. She pulled me to her and took the head of my cock in her fycked she was an expert cocksucker she sucked just the head very gently for a couple minutes I was rock heard as soon as she touched it she said wow your really excited tonight you cock is huge I've never grandmotherr it like this before I said um ham not wanting to risk her recognizing my voice.

And was grunting a little he started saying it hurts so good doesn't it??

She's always liked you and I thought she may want a change of pace from me just fucking her it was cool watching her getting fucked anyways. Isn't that what you said.

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I said very much. Benny got the head at the entrance to her ass hole she said go very very slow IM not sure if this will even work I just wanted to try it I was buried in her the whole length I could feel his dick head enter then I felt it as he pushed forward slowly she grunted and gripped my shoulders tight she started biting her lower lip and panting lightly but a little bit fast tempo to it she said how much is in he said about a quarter of it she said damm I'm not sure I can take both of you.

When his mom called us for breakfast everyone was there his dad and sister and mom of course his grandmother came in about 10 minutes later she was walking very slow and kinda shuffling Benny's mom said what's wrong mom. And laughed I said ohhhhh yeaa. Benny's mom said well you should take it easy and not friends grandmother fucked do it.

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grajdmother I said I don't know about Benny but my dicks hard again Benny said mines getting there. This was very awkward I was still buried in her pussy as he was explaining. We kept at it for another minutes until our orgasm's subsided? We both said right. He said everything.

She said now Benny come over her and sit we need to discuss this. She said yea that may make it better its not lubed enough for sure.

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She just raised her leg and I slid all the way up in her man it felt good and started to cum and couldn't help but slamming in her then I felt her pushing back with her ass and knew she was awake so I just started plowing in her pussy hard I was Cumming so hard man you wouldn't believe it she started Cumming too she said don't stop harder honey I gave it to her and after we came that time my cock was still hard believe it or not she had me get between her legs and fuck her in a normal position well she told me when we were done that night not to say anything to anyone or we'd be in big trouble and if we kept this secret she could help me out like this all the time.

I said hell yea but will she let me. He said OK she just start slow not all friends grandmother fucked way out just half way very slow Ok. Were going to keep this friends grandmother fucked us and ill help you young men out anytime your in need.

She didn't because we kept slamming that old whore every chance we got. She could almost get it all frienvs she pulled out and said I can't believe I can't take all of you.

I said yea a lot she you have to promise me you wont tell ANYONE its very important that you don't even though were all legal age it just wouldn't look right for a women my age letting 2 boys fuck me. He said grandma no one was hurt and you always said when we started this that its just relief for both of us right. She said jimmy better be on the bottom IM not sure I can take 2 dicks and I'm surely not ready for his width in my asshole.

Do you understand. So I pulled back and slowly fucked her with half my cock she start pinching my nipples so I returned the favor and she give me more I did.

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I had known Fucmed since we were kids and we were best friends in his basement room he had a bed and TV and stereo of course and that was about it there was a old mattress they kept in the basement for when people did stay over and I threw it on the floor of his room when I spent the night. I asked what made you decide to let me in on it he said Oh I felt sorry for you after we watched that porn film and I thought both of you may enjoy it.

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He said its hot she said jimmy lean back and let me rub my clit so I can get back in the mood he scared the shit of me coming in like that I said ill do you one better and pulled my cock out and dropped between her legs with my head and started sucking her pussy she grabbed my head and I started circling her clit gently and then sucking it after a few minutes she said I'm going to cum get ready to shove that monster up me again. She was in full cum and the light came on we were both kinda blinded and she dropped her legs and tried to hide under me she looked up and seen me and then seen Benny had come in and turned on the light I kept my cock buried deep in her she asked what's going on here.

He said alright come over here and check this out I followed out of his room and he took me to a spot on the other side of the wall and said sit here and look thru this hole when I came back in.