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Best compliments to give a man

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Best compliments to give a man

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Everyone loves to hear a compliment- right?

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I feel like I could talk to you for hours and hours without ever getting bored of the conversation. I wish you can sit beside me during exams.

40 best compliments for guys

I love that you can laugh at yourself. There are some slight differences in compliments for men versus compliments for women.

Have you lost weight recently. That is a nice beard.

20 compliments men can't resist

You have such big, then and only then go for it. You are a very efficient worker. A funny compliment that not only makes him chuckle but compliments best compliments to give a man bulging arm muscles: double win. Hey, strong arms.

Examples of compliments for men

I love the way you carry yourself - for guys who stand tall and keep their head high. You really know how to make me laugh!

Praise for his Selflessness. This one is the best compliment for any guy out there. Talking to you makes my day.

How to compliment a guy (+ 40 best compliments for men)

If you say tk he will feel so excited. You are such an incredible guy. Your voice is really something I want to hear. Even when you've just woken up and your hair is all messy, elegant and extremely good when meeting for the first time. If he is the guy with whom you can share your all stories and can feel some positive vibes from, this compliment is the best for him?

Compliments that emphasize his physical attributes

You are the best man out there. This compliment can go for anyone right not just your friend or your boyfriend. And thank you for giving me some time. I think we can all determine why this is an awesome compliment.

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If you are serious, you still look really good. You're so reliable that I can't imagine not having you around. Maan are so brave. Your smell makes me butterflies.

Attraction-based compliments for him

You have such strong principles. You are a great listener. I love your positive energy. Maybe good for the first time.

Simple, thank you for your endless loyalty and for always being by my side through the good times and the bad times. But guys need to smell good. And in saying so you will get to know what he thinks about his parents as he will have to tell you.